Our Company

alexopoulos&co offers unique pieces of furniture for each home. 

Our products stand out for their innovation, practicality and combined with the loving interest for modern design and decor, became the underlining elements that are building the alexopoulos & co reputation since 1973. 

alexopoulos&co is a company with many years of experience that is characterized by its contemporary profile, flexibility, dynamic strategy, modern culture, high aesthetics and quality for all the products it introduces in the market. 

alexopoulos&co innovates by applying new materials in furniture manufacturing and also bringing new ideas and understandings for their role in everyday life. 

Everything that is created by alexopoulos&co is designed with the prevailing concept of providing value for money furniture to people, without compromising on construction specifications, materials, design and practicality. 

The philosophy of alexopoulos&co is to give emphasis in servicing customers and building a relationship of trust with its dealers all over the world.